ES PORRAS, Lamb fattening, sale to feedlots and slaughterhouses.

Welcome to ES PORRAS.

With a long track record and experience, we are proud to offer lamb fattening services y purchase and sale of cereal for animal feed.

Our commitment to quality has made us a benchmark in the market.

Our services

Livestock farmer and sheep.

Lamb fattening

We have our own herd of more than 3,000 head of sheep, raised in freedom and fed with the best cereals and fodder produced in our own lands. Our fattening process guarantees the highest quality and the characteristic flavor of lamb meat, highly appreciated in Mediterranean gastronomy.

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Buying and Selling of Cereal for Animal Feed

We work closely with local farmers to acquire high quality cereals, adapted to the specific needs of our customers. We offer a wide variety of cereals that can be purchased in different presentations, according to the preferences and requirements of each customer.

Professional middle aged trucker driving truck to the destination.

Public Transportation Service

In order to provide you with an integral service, we also offer public transportation for the transport of animals and grains. Our highly trained team guarantees a safe and efficient transport, complying with all the regulations in force.

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